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Odor Removals

Carpet cleaner's best odor treatment service

Even when the stain's gone, the odor can live on! We offer the finest odor removal service in Denver, CO. No matter what the odor, we can always improve the situation and sometimes completely remove the odor.  We also offer expert ceramic tile cleaning, upholstery and carpet cleaning. When it comes to top quality steam cleaning at a competitive price, Steam Fresh Carpet Clean is your first, best choice! Call us today!

Pet odor removal

The pungent odor of pet urine and feces can linger on in a carpet, long after the actual mess has been cleaned up. These materials often stick to carpet fibers and may often cause your pets to "remark" the area, making the problem worse. We use highly effective solutions that will dissolve these compounds and at times can completely remove the odor. Urine will always need multiple products and procedures to achieve the best results possible.  No matter how long it's been, we can revitalize your floor. Contact us today!
Professional needed for couch cleaning for pet odor and fur in Sheridan, CO

Suggested maintenance

In between professional cleanings, it's important to regularly maintain your carpets with daily vacuuming and if needed a damp white rag with warm or carbonated water to clean any new spots on your carpet.  This can remove the surface residue for a short time until you can get the area professionally cleaned. We offer unmatched steam cleaning and permanent stain removals from many surfaces. We use top quality cleaners specially formulated to lift debris, odors, and residues from carpet fibers. When you schedule an annual carpet cleaning with Steam Fresh Carpet Clean, you're investing in your home and your health! Call us today!

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